Black Science Company was first discovered in 2014 by Augustino Chami Founder and C.E.O.As the name suggests by definition BlACK is the color of our origin, while SCIENCE is the study of Existence and AN ENTREPRENEUR is Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity.
The reason we put both science and entrepreneur it's because we as Founders are both scientists and entrepreneurs.
We as co-cofounders met in different areas of origin and mostly during our college life the co-founders by names are Mussa Ambari,Dustan Mbaga and Sabri Pambwe.


We are young and ambitious entrepreneurs who have recently been in different projects,our innovative ideas are highly

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Our Amazing Projects

Our projects are divided into four categories as follows.

Services We Provide

System and Website Design and Development.

We have are highly qualified team of graphic designers, website developer and computer programmers who are competent at producing out standing websites and efficient computers management systems for both firms and local businesses.

Online Marketing

We also offer the best assistance of online marketing that ranges from Search engine Optimisation (SEO) to social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ IT department also gives assistance to our customers in running their social medias for those who can not, but also teaching our customer on how to run a successful online business page that bring customers to you.

Video Production And Photographs

Black science company in association with techniks video/audio Company brings an additional and essential service that help our customers who wish to market their products on social medieas using videos or photography as a content of their digital marketing strategy. But also for those who have stories and wish to make movies or music videos. for a demo VISIT ART AND DESGING DEPARTMENT.

Selling and Buying Crops

Agriculture department is acting as brokers by buying and selling of crops buying from rural areas to urban areas we also supply to local markets, supermarkets and even home use. There is a new agricultural project coming soon!!!!!!

Got a Question?

if you have question or looking for our services contact us..

  • BlackScience P.O.Box 1434,
             Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania
  • +255 713 169 114, +255 653 666 201,
             +255 714 019 466
  • muda@blackscince.co.tz,
  • @blackscience
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